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Are wooden sash windows right for you?

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Advice from bespoke windows experts

You can’t just order wooden windows online from any fitter. Opting for any real wood bespoke windows requires you to find the right craftsmen and, let’s face it, will probably cost a little more than the uPVC alternative. When you start thinking about reproduction wooden sash windows there are further considerations still, so the big question is this; is it worth it?

Who commissions bespoke windows?

Honestly, if you’re even contemplating the purchase to the extent of researching wooden windows online then your mind is probably at least partly made up. The chances are that your home or workplace has ageing wooden frames and you believe that new wooden frames would make a better looking replacement than modern materials.

If that scenario sounds familiar, what is holding you back? Is it uncertainty surrounding the price, the process or the sourcing of a reliable manufacturer? Possibly it’s all three.

Let us reassure you. Firstly, you will undoubtedly be pleasantly surprised by our pricing and we won’t do a thing until you have accepted our quotation, so you have nothing to lose by finding out the cost of bespoke windows, at the very least.

In addition to this, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands with Manorside Joinery. With a range of professional certifications and accreditations, as well as the approval of English Heritage and a long list of testimonials to our name, we can more than prove our credentials. Our process is smooth and professional from start to finish, with all manufacturing taking place in house, to ensure quality and speed of workmanship.

Quality reproduction wooden sash windows

Manorside Joinery is a specialist when it comes to reproduction wooden sash windows for period properties. As well as being recognised as such by English Heritage, we have also received approval from various local government conservation officers.

If yours is a period property or, in particular, a listed building, then the decision to opt for wooden sash windows may be out of your hands entirely. In those cases, contact Manorside and let us reassure you with examples of our past workmanship.

You really won’t find a joinery company in Liverpool better able to meet your needs.

If you hands aren’t tied by planning and the decision to opt for wooden sash windows is entirely your own, please feel free to call us. We will be happy to discuss the pros and cons of opting for wooden window frames with you.

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